Sculptures about primary principles of life

The theme ELEMENTS has accompanied me for many years and time and time again, other artistic interpretations have been created, ranging from sketches and drawings to calligraphic representations, right up to the layout of a jewellery collection.

Through the intensive work with metal and in particular aluminium, within the scope of my work as a product designer for industrial enterprises, the ELEMENTS crossed my mind yet again and I decided to design sculptures and cast them in aluminium. This material is usually not used for art casting, because it is difficult to rework and allows less possibilities for designing the surface than bronze, for example. This idea appeared all the more exciting, because of precisely this unusualness.

On the following pages you can look at the layouts of the four elements Fire, Water, Earth, Air and additionally a superordinent form for space that surrounds and contains all: the Universe. By clicking on the preview you will be directed to the individual pages.






From the idea to the cast

After layouting and modelling, follows the realization at the metal foundry. The sculptures are casted in silicone and a wax model is created. The individual sculpture is remodelled in wax. This wax model is covered with a heat-resistant material. The wax is then rendered through heat and a negative of the mould is created. This mould is then used for the metal cast and is shattered afterwards (it is also called “lost mould”).

The images depict the cast with the liquid aluminium at the foundry and the manual processing of the cast sculptures on the workbench.

The sculptures are made in a limited edition upon request and are available individually or as ensemble. Bronze production is also possible, in this case the surface will be white gold plated.