About joépa

joépa, Dr Jörg Werner, born in 1967, degree in industrial design, doctor of philosophy, artist who works in symbols, shapes and words ...

I believe that it is the function of artistic expression to touch people, to move them. The artist is the mediator between the invisible world and the visible world, making the previously non-specific concrete, the unknown immediate. If a work or an action creates resonance in the observer, the sense and meaning of the original creation acquire a deeper purpose.

A truly valuable experience.

About design and art

Working as a product and graphic designer requires an entirely different way of looking at things than working as an artist. Although all processes of product development deal with creativity, a lot of it is entrusted for a specific purpose. One moves in an ocean of presettings, has above all to fulfil expectations from the outside and tries to develop and receive a creative room for manoeuvre. In my experience, this is the most difficult task in design: experiencing creativity and inspiration and not to lose sight of them during daily constraints.

Design and art are kindred spirits, but are fundamentally different experiences. Recently, I read a sentence which in my view, puts it in a nutshell: design finds solutions, art asks questions. These are two different worlds.