A picture created of your first name
and the first name of the one you love ...

"Name Art" is a calligraphic picture, made of the first name of two people who share a special bond. The composition of names becomes a joined character, surrounded and complemented by fine lines and ornaments. The picture is a mirror image of the connection between these two people and manifests on a new level.

A symbol of community, a calligraphic wedding, a good luck charm for the future path that lies ahead.


An example
(Homage to John & Yoko)

Based on the signature of both – in this case their first names – I am beginning with creating the name lettering that consciously retains the difference of handwriting or also underlines its similarity.

I hereby, interpret the hand writing artistically and it is not of significance whether one has a beautiful handwriting or not. A new and completely individual lettering emerges, which is going to represent the central element of the picture.

The lettering is made with a Japanese shodo brush. During the writing, I am placing a photograph of both persons next to the paper to catch some of the presence emanating from them.

As second picture element, I am using a composition of fine lines that serve as background and surround the lettering like a mandala. This communicates the tension that needs to develop between the strong brush strokes and the filigree lines, between the instantaneous, archaic expression of the brush and the aimed, precise movement of the ink pen. Opposites that constitute the essence of life.

The mandala will also be designed individually for both persons. During the course of this project, I will create a gallery of mandalas with the possibility to choose a specific mandala. Until then, I will design them for the respective picture.

In the interaction of elements, the final picture emerges, made with black calligraphic ink on French water colour paper made of 100% cotton with coarse grains.

Depending on the length of the first name (amount of letters), you can choose between landscape or portrait format. Long names require a horizontal orientation and can only be realised in landscape format.

The following formats are available:
• Portrait 25 x 50 cm (only for short names)
• Square 30 x 30 cm (only for short names)
• Landscape 50 x 25 cm

»John & Yoko«
Ink on paper


Information for ordering a personal name picture
As a present for yourself, for your loved one or for friends of yours

If you would like to receive your own name picture or a name picture as a present for two people who are close to you and if you have any questions, you can contact me at any time via phone or e-mail.

I am looking forward to encountering your name.